Projx design and build solutions

PROJX provides design and construction services based on the customers’ objectives, strategies, and goals. Whether for a place of work or home, PROJX discusses how the project and space will be designed and how each element adds to the overall effect. Our team of architects and interior and landscape designers can help you get the most out of your space or property while making it beautiful.

We tackle all projects with the mindset that design is the solution. PROJX is the one of the leading company for build and design construction in Kuwait .

PROJX consultancy provides homeowners with an in-depth discovery and recommendation approach to determine how best to design their spaces. As one of the best build and design construction in Kuwait, we ensure that the design also conforms to the users’ behaviors while meeting their parameters and budget.

Services we offer

Architectural Design

We will look into the space design and configuration of your building project or home and reflect that to its exterior architectural design.

Interior Design

Design your interior space where it meets the requirements of its occupants, allowing you envision the experience prior to construction.

Construction & Fitouts

Execute or project manage the construction of the design at your site so that you could feel rest-assured that all is going as planned.


Consult with our design team about your project to see how it can be further improved and optimized for you, your family or your team.